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  • Livermore’s wine country is filled with treats for this month of Jack o’ Lanterns and masked mischief. Here are some of the ghoulish happenings about the Tri-Valley. Big White House Winery/John Evan Cellars will take 13% off purchases on Halloween day, if you visit in costume. Watch John Evan, and Cellar Master, Jessica, slaving over bubbling […]

  • You just finished a great week of workouts at the gym. The cute spin guy gave you a high-five for not passing out again, and you’ve somehow managed to squeeze kale into nearly every meal. Now it’s Friday, and you’re out at dinner feeling supremely powerful. The waiter hands you the menu, your eyes glaze […]

  • While we’d all like to pretend we only open a good bottle of wine while surrounded by friends and loved ones in an upscale setting that may include uncomfortably high heels, classical music and fancy cheeses on tiny crackers, the truth is a little different. Honestly, most of us would really prefer to open a […]

  • Most of us have a bottle of wine tucked away in a cabinet somewhere, “just in case.” While emergency wine is a good idea in case an earthquake or the need to play presidential debate drinking games suddenly sneaks up on you, let’s be sure to squirrel away some cheap stuff for that. The problem […]

  • Over several decades, the ladies of Disney have become much more than typical damsels in distress. In reality, the same is true of women in the workplace as women take on less traditional roles in industries of every variety. In Livermore Valley, the booming wine industry is no exception. Winemaking and viticulture have traditionally been […]

  • It shouldn’t be that hard to be the life of a friendly afternoon cocktail party. Don’t eat the crab dip with your hands, remind your husband to wear pants and never, ever talk politics. Simple! But these days, you are also expected to “know” wine – and not just in the sense that you know […]

  • Booking a flight or taking the highways and byways to the Tri-Valley? While packing your getaway bag to this NorCal destination, don’t forget these three essential items.

  • Public TV host Joseph  Rosendo sets out on a California exploration through the state’s Tri-Valley region. He learns that while searching the world over for the exotic, often we miss the exciting, surprising and pleasurable experiences that await close to home.

  • McKay’s Taphouse and Beer Garden Tri-Valley beer lovers are collectively raising a pint to the long awaited opening of McKay’s Taphouse and Beer Garden. Owners Josh and Barbara McKay have taken a home built in the 1930s and created an inviting space serving up burgers, paninis, sausages and more along side 14 on-tap craft beers. […]

  • The Highland Gathering and Games features caber tossing, birds of prey, highland dancing, sheep dog trials, living history, bagpipe and drumming competitions. September 5 and 6 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Do You Speak Caledonian? from Visit Tri Valley on Vimeo.

  • As we bid the sizzling season adieu, here are four of the Tri-Valley’s most anticipated events to end summer on a high note. Enjoy! 1. 2015 Eugene O’Neill Festival September 4–October 4, Danville Eugene O’Neill, the only American playwright to win the Nobel Prize in literature, once called Danville home—and he wrote some of his […]

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