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Are You a Beer Buff? Here are the Signs

Are you ready to roll with all the beer connoisseurs and craft beer experts? We’ve got a handy little quiz to provide the “hoptimal” assessment of whether you’re a knowledgeable beer enthusiast.

This Beer Buff quiz is broken down into three simple and fun sections. Keep track of how many points you score by knowing the correct answer. Do you have a pen or pencil ready? Let’s go!

Part 1

Let’s start off on an easy note. Award yourself one point if you can name the geographical hometown of any of these breweries:

1. Yuengling & Sons
2. Great Lakes Brewing Co.
3. New Belgium Brewing Co.
4. Sierra Nevada
5. Dogfish Head Brewery
6. Lagunitas
7. Full Sail Brewing Co.
8. Anchor Brewing Co.
9. Russian River Brewing Co.

Answers: 1. Pottsville, PA; 2. Cleveland, OH; 3. Fort Collins, CO; 4. Chico, CA; 5. Rehoboth Beach, DE; 6. Petaluma, CA; 7. Hood River, OR; 8. San Francisco, CA; 9. Santa Rosa, CA.

Part 2

Hopping right along, we now move to the section of yes or no questions. Award yourself one point for each of the questions below to which you can answer yes. Be honest! Give yourself one point for each yes to these questions.

1. When tasting a beer, have you ever correctly identified the country in which the beer’s hops were grown?

2. Can you name the “censored” word on Lagunitas Censored ale?

3. Have you used the phrase “tastes like pine cone” as a positive or flattering description of a beer?

4. Can you name the brand name of a white beer?

5. Have you ever told a bartender that they were “pouring it wrong”?

6. Did the last bottle of beer you consumed have a description of 40 words or longer on the label?

7. Have you ever used the word “quaffable”?

8. Do you know the proper pronunciation of Chimay, Leinenkugel, Yeungling and Weihenstephaner?

9. Have you consumed a Trappist ale in the last 30 days?

Part 3

Finally, the lightning round! Award yourself one more point if you can name the proper type of glass to serve each type of beer:

1. Amber ale
2. Wild ale
3. Tripel
4. Doppelbock
5. Saison
6. Gose

Acceptable answers: 1. mug or pint glass; 2. flute or tulip glass; 3. goblet or snifter; 4. pilsner glass or mug; 5. tulip, pint or oversized wine glass; 6. weizen glass or stange.

Last call!

Now add up your points. If you scored 10 or lower, well, don’t be discouraged. Grab a beer, and stick with your day job. If you scored between 10 and 15 points, you are definitely worthy of hanging with the bearded brewmasters.

And if you scored more than 15 points, you are probably sampling some fine craft beers as we speak, or at least planning to in the very near future. Cheers!

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By Joe Kukura