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What Is a Caffeine Trail?


Rise and grind, caffeine-lovers! The Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail is a unique collection of cafés, coffee houses, and tea rooms in the Tri-Valley, each with their own special set of peps and perks. Sip on craft coffee creations, sweet boba tea, and steamy artisanal teas as you explore the most creative caffeine connoisseurs of
the Tri-Valley.


Visit 1 participating stop in each city in the Tri-Valley, and we’ll send you a Tri-Valley coffee mug!

there are two ways
to play

Download a passport or pick one up at a participating store. Get 5 stamps from different locations and then mail or bring in your completed passport to:

5075 Hopyard Rd., Suite 240
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Visit 1 participating stop in each of the 4 cities in the Tri-Valley, take a picture of your beverage, snack, or even yourself! Once you post it online, mention us @visittrivalley and use 

participating trail stops

characterz cafe & coffee roasters
characterz cafe
Great fun vibe with lots of comic-con type characterz and even Disney. Pin ball machine. And open really early. Tried a Brazilian roast and it was...
Love this place. My husband has been telling me about this place for a while now and I finally had the time to check it out. I loved that there were all...
I love little independent coffee shops!!! I walked in before a salon appt. and ordered my fave, iced breve, with a bit of a flavored syrup. I just got to...
Hours of Operation
Monday5AM - 5PM
Tuesday5AM - 5PM
Wednesday5AM - 5PM
Thursday5AM - 5PM
Friday5AM - 5PM
Saturday7AM - 1PM
Sunday7AM - 1PM
inklings coffee pleasanton
So lucky to have this gem of a coffee shop right in our neighborhood. Inklings is absolutely amazing in every sense. Coffee shops tie neighborhoods together...
I'm a fan of inklings for multiple reasons. The drinks are good and the staff has always been kind. I typically order the peach apricot green tea and really...
Really liked their vanilla latte! Also super cute! A lot of study space so good for high school and college students. Also super aesthetic so good for...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the english rose tea room
Such a lovely place for an afternoon tea with the ladies in your life. They serve some of the finest (e.g., Darjeeling Second Flush) and very flavorful...
When I think English tea, my first thought is Tyme for Tea in Fremont, or Lisa's Tea Treasures which used to be open at Santana Row. It's about time I tried...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the press artisan cafe livermore
This place is awesome!! My good friend took me here after a workout for some coffee. So many toast options - both savory and sweet. I was torn between so...
I love the idea, I love the quality ingredients and fun menu items, however at $9.75 it's not the biggest portion. It's still a great lunch, just don't come...
I love this place! My first visit was for breakfast within the first month of opening. I can see why the restaurant is always busy and they've opened a...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the steam house coffee & kava bar
steam house coffee & kava bar
Have you ever had a mocha made from mushrooms? Well, you can here! And not from the psychedelic ones... Service is friendly. Prices are good. Drinks are...
Really cute! Lot's of new things to try. I had the Tiger Spice Chai and hubby had the Cappuccino. Both were delicious. Staff was helpful and friendly. We'll...
Visited today for the first time. How did I not know about this place !!! Lovely light and inviting venue, huge range of drinks and friendly staff. I...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 9PM
Tuesday8AM - 9PM
Wednesday8AM - 9PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 3PM
Sunday8AM - 3PM
espresso rosetta
Espresso Rosetta is such a cute tea stop. You get a tea pot of tea for around $4. You can refill it a couple of times. We ordered the chamomile tea and it...
The charm and character in this place is what defines a true downtown coffee shop. I have not had the coffee but it smells good. This is my third time...
Hours of Operation
Monday6:30AM - 4PM
Tuesday6:30AM - 4PM
Wednesday6:30AM - 4PM
Thursday6:30AM - 4PM
Friday6:30AM - 6PM
Saturday7AM - 6PM
Sunday7AM - 6PM
panama bay coffee co livermore
Unique place that is nice to hang out with friends. Come here every once in a while and also a good experience. Seating is pretty good inside. Mostly...
Best blended coffee beverages I've had to date. This place makes Starbucks fraps look like a joke and could easily steal my Dutch brother loyalty. They...
With so many coffee shops to choose from it's impossible to have a favorite! When I'm in the area Panama Bay is my shop of choice! Cute coffee shop, modern...
Hours of Operation
Monday5:30AM - 10PM
Tuesday5:30AM - 10PM
Wednesday5:30AM - 10PM
Thursday5:30AM - 10PM
Friday5:30AM - 11PM
Saturday6AM - 11PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
story coffee co.
1. Staff is sweet and nice! Warm smiles and helpful 🙂 2. Family owned and they are present. My desire is to see more of this to showcase real life! 3....
Stopped by on a Tuesday morning before work. There are not many craft coffee places in the Dublin/Pleasanton area, and I am tired of Starbucks lol, so I...
My wife and I came here for some morning coffee on a busy Black Friday. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed and the shop was packed with people. The staff was...
Hours of Operation
Monday6AM - 6PM
Tuesday6AM - 6PM
Wednesday6AM - 6PM
Thursday6AM - 6PM
Friday6AM - 6PM
Saturday6AM - 6PM
Sunday6AM - 6PM
the press pleasanton
This place is beautifully located in a downtown area. Love the Inside ambiance so Bright and airy with a decent amount of open space seating as well as...
Very nice food and great service. Quite unlike we have seen. We had a dog and they quickly brought a bowl of water out. Tried their avocado panini.. very...
Hours of Operation
Monday7:30AM - 3PM
Tuesday7:30AM - 3PM
Wednesday7:30AM - 3PM
Thursday7:30AM - 3PM
Friday7:30AM - 3PM
Saturday8AM - 3PM
Sunday9AM - 2PM
tea heart boba tea dublin
Their mango sago drink is really good. It somehow tastes fresher than the one at iTea. Mango sago is a thick mango drink with tiny clear tapioca. Their...
Hours of Operation
Monday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Wednesday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Thursday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Friday10:30AM - 10PM
Saturday10AM - 10PM
Sunday10AM - 10PM
boba bliss dublin, ca
I was really pleased with Boba Bliss. It was a bit tricky to find, being tucked away behind a gas station, in a small strip mall next to a freeway entrance....
This place kind of reminds me of boba guys. It was our first time, I got the tiramisu drink and it was not bad. It definitely felt fattening, so I ended up...
Coming into Boba Bliss, I have heard that this place was great, based on the reviews I have read. I definitely came in with high hopes and was not...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 9PM
Tuesday11AM - 9PM
Wednesday11AM - 9PM
Thursday11AM - 9PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM
Sunday11AM - 9PM
cafe tapioca dubiln, ca
Although this tapioca place has been around for a very long, they have remodeled and definitely stepped up there game! Not only is online ordering a...
Okay cafe tapioca you get five stars!!! Number one: parking is great now that Amakara is no longer across the street. The reason why I've never been as...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 10PM
Tuesday11AM - 10PM
Wednesday11AM - 10PM
Thursday11AM - 10PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM
Sunday11AM - 10PM
allegro coffee co. (whole foods)
I really like this Whole Foods in Dublin (except the parking lot, which is not their fault). Good selection of fresh foods - veggies and ready to eat - and...
Parking is pretty tough hence only 4 stars, but this Whole Foods actually has a pub inside where you can drink some of the beers also sold in the store...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 10PM
Tuesday8AM - 10PM
Wednesday8AM - 10PM
Thursday8AM - 10PM
Friday8AM - 10PM
Saturday8AM - 10PM
Sunday8AM - 10PM
amazing basil (a cup of)
Amazing Basil is actually, Really amazing!! I feel healthier! Inside is clean, and staffs are very nice!
I was looking for where is five star restaurant. At the restaurant is a way to go you can't miss it. Surprised food,Super clean (now you can used toilet...
We've been wanting to try this place and never got around to it. We were in the area and drove by and saw they were open and we do not regret it! When we...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 9PM
Tuesday11AM - 9PM
Wednesday11AM - 9PM
Thursday11AM - 9PM
Friday11AM - 9PM
Saturday11AM - 9PM
Sunday11AM - 9PM
sideboard neighborhood kitchen
sideboard kitchen danville
Finally reviewing after several visits. This place is really charming right from the sidewalk. You feel like you are going to someone's home to eat. In a...
This cute restaurant in Danville is an excellent place to take someone for breakfast! We got there when they opened at 8:00AM and there was ample tables to...
Great brunch spot -- it was recommended by a few people and did not disappoint. I had the veggie scramble and it was delicious (though I wish it had come...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 8PM
Tuesday8AM - 9PM
Wednesday8AM - 9PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 9PM
Sunday8AM - 8PM
starbucks reserve danville
Take everything good you love about Starbucks, and then elevate it. That's Starbucks Reserve. Yes, all your favorite tried-and-true beverages and food are...
I had never been to a Starbucks Reserve before, I don't know why we don't have more of these. They have drinks that you can't get at other Starbucks and the...
A nice neighborhood location in Danville downtown for nitro cold brew and latte. We prefer one of Starbucks Reserve locations when Blue Bottle or other...
Hours of Operation
Monday5AM - 9PM
Tuesday5AM - 9PM
Wednesday5AM - 9PM
Thursday5AM - 9PM
Friday5AM - 10PM
Saturday5:30AM - 10PM
Sunday5:30AM - 9:30PM
the coffee shop
Love the vibe in here! Rustic decor, and lots of seats for folks to work or chat. I would totally come read a book or get work done here if I lived in...
Edited: Thanks for the manager reached out and handled the feedback in a very positive way. So I'm updating the review to 5 stars to reflect the quality of...
The coffee is just great, but the almond croissants now those you will never forget. Probably the best ones I've had since Bouchon in Yountville. So so...
Hours of Operation
Monday6:30AM - 5PM
Tuesday6:30AM - 5PM
Wednesday6:30AM - 5PM
Thursday6:30AM - 5PM
Friday6:30AM - 5PM
Saturday6:30AM - 5PM
Sunday6:30AM - 5PM
basque boulangerie danville
A very cute little place in Danville that I stumbled across while shopping in the area. I had a large craving for simple oatmeal and this place had just...
Came here for our rehearsal brunch following our morning wedding rehearsal at St. Isidore. The owner, Harleen, was great! Slight communication error in...
Hello?!!! The Beehive Cake is back on my (dessert) radar after Daniel C posted a pic and mentioned a recent SFGate article on iconic bakeries in the Bay...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 4PM
Wednesday8AM - 4PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 9PM
Sunday8AM - 4PM
medleno coffee shop & roastery
medleno coffee shop & roastery
I've been here once before and I had fond memories, but I revisited today and I am regretting not going here for coffee every single time. I don't have...
Best coffee and service I've ever had. I ordered a mocha and didn't want it too sweet, and what I got was perfection in a cup. The coffee tasted smooth and...
Variety of origins and roasting. Bought Guatemalan for home. Different espresso blend in the shop. Dark, rich, nutty flavor. Hint of caramel. Really tasty...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 5PM
Tuesday7AM - 5PM
Wednesday7AM - 5PM
Thursday7AM - 5PM
Friday7AM - 5PM
Saturday7AM - 5PM