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Hot Rods and Cold Beer

Looking for a beer that pairs perfectly with hot summer nights and hot rods? Look no further than Goodguys Citra Haze, a limited-edition craft beer hitting taps across the Tri-Valley on Aug. 19 in honor of the Goodguys 29th West Coast Nationals.

With hot rodders cruising in from all over the world, Goodguys plans to use the West Coast Nationals as an opportunity to showcase one of the Tri-Valley’s finest beverages: beer! “The Tri-Valley beer scene is really popular and is definitely growing,” said Andrew Ebel, a self-described beer enthusiast and VP of Business Operations and Marketing for Goodguys.


Altamont Beer Works and Goodguys Rod and Custom Association collaborated on the summertime session ale. Steve Sartori, Altamont’s co-owner and head brew master, describes the new libation as  “moderately hoppy with super light tropical flavors and aromas” that will be the perfect for a nice warm weekend of hot rodding and beer-drinking fun.


Brewing of Citra Haze started on Aug. 7, and the beer is set to debut in local hotels, restaurants and tap houses in time for the West Coast Nationals event on Aug. 21 -23.  A full list of pouring locations is available at http://goo.gl/4wn8PL.