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A Super Drinking Game

Super Bowl 50 is almost here, and any major live television event calls for a drinking game. Whether you’re at a party with friends, watching the game from a pub, or enjoying the game from the stands, we’ve provided this handy beverage-sipping diversion to bring a little drinking game into your big game.

For this Super Bowl drinking game, we list the occasions on which you take a sip or a shot while watching Super Bowl 50. You take a sip of beer or wine when certain occurrences in the game broadcast or commercials, and you do a shot of hard liquor for others. Remember, please drink responsibly, and do not wager on sporting events while drunk.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Cable cars are shown as if the game were in San Francisco.

Do a Shot if… Audience is reminded that “This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL for the private use of our audience… yada yada yada… strictly prohibited.”


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Placekicker successfully makes a kick then points two fingers at the sky.

Do a Shot if… Player makes “I am eating with a spoon” gesture.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Tax preparation commercial attempts to be hip.

Do a Shot if… Beer commercial depicts rock climbing.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Player names his college by its slang nickname during video introduction.

Do a Shot if… Player takes frustrations out on Microsoft Surface tablet after disappointing outcome.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Arnold Schwarzenegger attempts to sell you a mobile video game.

Do a Shot if… A partially undressed supermodel attempts to sell you a mobile video game.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Yardage is referred to as “half the distance to the goal line.”

Do a Shot if… Santa Clara is accidentally referred to as “San Francisco.”


Sip your Wine/Beer if… Commercial attempts to portray the NFL as primarily a charity organization.

Do a Shot if… Commercial reminds you that there is a Zoolander sequel coming out.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… CBS promotes a show whose star is at least 50 years old.

Do a Shot if… The song “Crazy Train” is played in any capacity.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… A “discount double check” commercial fails to elicit laughter.

Do a Shot if… Consecutive commercials promote the use of a hashtag.


Sip your Wine/Beer if… A commercial promises “more 4G LTE coverage.”

Do a Shot if… A commercial promises to depict “real people, not actors.”


Sip your Wine/Beer if… A player’s family member is shown reacting to the game.

Do a Shot if… A fan gets on TV with a sign that references CBS.


Do Not Drink if… The “Nationwide Sky Cam” gives you motion sickness.

Drink the Rest of the Night if… Your team throws the ball from the 1-yard line in an obvious running situation, and they lose the Super Bowl when the ball is intercepted with just seconds left to play.
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By Joe Kukura