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How to Make Your Couple-Friends Jealous on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re divorced, single, or deeply opposed to heart-shaped candy, for some Valentine’s Day can be a total drag. What isn’t a drag? Having a kick-ass weekend on your own (or with choice friends) that will make your lovesick buddies grind their teeth during an overpriced two-for-one dinner.

This year, why weep over Valentine’s Day when you could do something better? Plan your attack on romance with these tips that are sure to turn your couple-friends green with envy.

Tip #1 – Buy Yourself Something Nice

V-Day presents don’t always go as planned. Forget about the stuffed bears, crappy chocolates and soon-to-be-dead roses – nobody knows what you want for Valentine’s Day better than you.

Honestly, the only person who truly knows your measurements is you, so if you don’t feel like squeezing into some slinky negligee and dealing with another awkward wardrobe malfunction, better to fly solo and buy yourself something nice.

For something that says, “Look at me! I’m independent and financially responsible,” head over to the San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore. You’ll find everything you need to look fabulous at every price range, including high-end luxury names like Jimmy Choo, Tori Burch and Prada, as well as popular brands like Nike and Gap.

When your couple-friends ask what you got for Valentine’s Day, be proud to show off your self-purchased gifts; and rest easy knowing your body parts are right where you want them, inside a perfectly-fitted new outfit.

Tip #2 – Enjoy a Sunday Brunch

Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year, which is a great excuse to do two things: 1) Overeat the sweet and savory delights at a late morning brunch, and 2) day drink.

Invite your cool single friends to join you at a swanky spot with outdoor seating. Have everyone order a few items on the menu and enjoy a bit of everything – that’s right, show those nearby calorie counters what unholy indulgence looks like! How about Crabcake Benedict at the Blackhawk Grille in Danville? Or what about a BBQ brunch at Sauced BBQ and Spirits in Livermore?

And be sure to make nice with your waiter or waitress; they are, after all, the gatekeepers to bottomless mimosas, only $12 at Nonni’s Bistro in Pleasanton.

While dining, be sure to toast your glass often and don’t be embarrassed if your laughter carries across to the other side of the room. Nearby patrons consumed by Valentine’s Day niceties will immediately regret their life choices when they see how much fun you’re having without them.

Tip #3 – Break a Sweat

While your couple-friends are sitting though a meal and movie, or strolling through the park, get up and do something unconventional with your friends this Valentine’s Day.

Stay at the Double Tree by Hilton Pleasanton at the Club and get your endorphins pumping with a personal trainer at the next-door Club Sport.

Want some fresh air? How about tee-time at a nearby golf course like The Course at Wente Vineyards! Aside from dressing up in cute golf gear, you and your friends will love driving around in the golf carts, drinking cocktails on the greens, and did I mention the golf carts? It doesn’t matter if you know how to play; the important thing is getting out there and having fun, right?

You can do it all (and make your couple-friends jealous) in the Tri-Valley this Valentine’s Day!

By Whitney Butler