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Shop-a-holic Quiz

Are You a Shopaholic? Add up your points and find out!

  1. How do you follow fashion trend forecasts?
  • A: I subscribe to every email blast and fashion magazine under the sun!
  • B: Pinterest fashion boards based on what I’ve already pinned.
  • C: The only forecast I watch is the weather, so I know how to dress practically for the day.
  1. Are there any items in your wardrobe that still have the tags?
  • A: Yes, it’s hard to find the time to wear everything before my next shopping spree.
  • B: Yes, but only because I plan to exchange them!
  • C: Nope. I buy what I like from brands I am loyal to.
  1. You have an upcoming event. What do you do?
  • A: Scope the season’s lookbooks from my favored designers.
  • B: Keep an eye out for a one-of-a-kind cocktail ring or vintage cufflinks.
  • C: RSVP, of course! And make sure I have an outfit from last year’s wedding season.
  1. Quick: Your house is on fire! What do you grab?
  • A: My Manolos, Birkin bag, anything from Milan.
  • B: Anything of sentimental value—which may include most of my jewelry box.
  • C: Forget material possessions—I’m hightailing it out of there!

A=3 B=2 C=1

11-12: You’re a Shopaholic. You’re up on every trend, and always find the merch you’re looking for. Plastic is your best friend—and your worst enemy. Get your retail fix at the San Francisco Premium Outlets, the largest designer outlet center in California.

7-10: You’re a Shopportunist. While you usually buy only what you need, you do indulge in the occasional splurge. For you, Main Street in Pleasanton is a must. Danville is also your style, and the can’t-miss avenues, Hartz and Prospect, intersect at the corner of charming and chic.

4-6: You’re a Shopstopper. Shopping may not be your cup of tea. Or you don’t mind shopping, you are just loyal to the brands that you trust. Shopping in Dublin is convenient and low-stress—you can even order online and pick up at some stores. No in-store browsing necessary.

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