Visiting the Livermore Centennial Light Bulb
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Visiting the Livermore Centennial Light Bulb

Talk about a slow burn: The 60-watt bulb hanging inside Livermore Fire Station No. 6 near Robert Livermore Park, known locally as the Centennial Light, has been running since 1901. The In fact, event the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! recognize it as the planet’s longest-burning light bulb.

Manufactured by the Shelby Electric Company, the bulb’s low wattage, vacuum-tight seal and constant power likely contribute to its life span. Over the past 115+ years, the bulb has been turned off only 4 times out of necessity. 

Visitors are welcome to visit the Livermore Fire Station No. 6 and view it themselves depending on the availability of the firemen on hand. Simply go to the rear of the station and ring the bell for assistance. Alternatively, you can also check out virtually via a 24 hour webcam that keeps an eye on the bulb around the clock.

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