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Becoming Olivia Pope’s Gladiator: 4 Red Wines to “Fix” On

Have you ever dreamed of being a gladiator? No, not the kind helping Russell Crowe take down Caesar to avenge his beloved wife. We mean the team of gladiators Olivia Pope surrounds herself with to tackle everything from her own kidnapping to confronting her complex love triangle with the president and a top-secret spy.

And what’s the best weapon to bring into battle with Olivia Pope? Red wine.

Olivia Pope & Red Wine
This beverage, symbolizing strength, power and perseverance, is such a staple on “Scandal” that it has become an extension of Olivia Pope herself. Anyone who plans on joining her team should have a working knowledge of the best red wines in his or her arsenal.

Here’s a sampling of the Tri-Valley reds to channel your inner Olivia Pope:

  1. The Spur by Murrietas Well

This red wine, built on a Petite Sirah base and carefully crafted with Bordeaux varietals, has a defined California taste that’s hard to rival. To guarantee a distinct flavor, each varietal is farmed, harvested and handcrafted individually. The black cherry and blueberry fruit aromas are emphasized by delicate hints of sweet oak and earthy spice that help give The Spur its delicious taste.

  1. The Nth Degree Syrah by Wente Vineyards

The Nth Degree, a limited-edition line of wines, offers a range of red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah. These distinct red wines reflect the unique terroir of Wente Vineyards and showcase the meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating every flavor. Before these polished red wines are bottled, each one must show unmatched style and finesse that anyone can enjoy. The Syrah in particular is a rich, bold wine that boasts a mix of coffee, chocolate and berry flavors that any gladiator will love.

  1. The Grapeful Red by Ruby Hill Winery

Through an intense combination of fruit and spice, Livermore Valley’s Grapeful Red delivers a one-of-a-kind flavor that mixes hints of raspberry jam and plum with a subtle touch of oak. This red wine has a lingering finish filled with rich spiciness and fruity flavors. With a blend of new French, Hungarian and American oak, the Grapeful Red can be paired with almost anything.

  1. Patriot Cabernet Sauvignon by McGrail Vineyards

Deeply concentrated and aged for 10 or more years, the Patriot Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular vintage that combines dark cherry, cassis, tobacco and vanilla bean flavors for a smoky finish. The garnet-colored wine leaves behind a butterscotch taste. It comes exclusively from the McGrail Vineyards and is known to sell out quickly.

So for any gladiators-in-training hoping to stand with Olivia Pope, we hope you feel confident taking on any assignment. And the best way to confront any challenge is with Olivia’s weapon of choice in hand: a glass of red wine.

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