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3 Tri-Valley Wines to Help You Enjoy the Oscars

Not invited to the Oscars this year? Don’t worry about it. You can enjoy the awards show from your couch with a glass of fine wine and still have just as good a time — well, almost.

Sip on these delectable Tri-Valley wines, and get whisked away to the red carpet with the stars:


This blend from Livermore Valley is made from five Bordeaux varieties and is a bold representation of our best barrel selections. A Cabernet Sauvignon, bottle-aged for roughly a year, Supremacy boasts the rich, earthy flavors of chocolate-covered cherries and wild berries that provide the perfect balance of acidity and herbal tones.

Your first sip will reveal bold, confident flavors sure to bring out your inner Meryl or Denzel. Keep sipping, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the days of old Hollywood pictures — the elegant and rich tones of this wine just have that effect.


This line of handcrafted wines from Wente Vineyards will make your taste buds sing — or prepare you for an acceptance speech, whichever comes first. Whether you’re enjoying the line’s Merlot or Chardonnay, your wine glass will start to feel more like a golden Oscar the longer you savor the wine within it.

In addition, the richness of the reds and the crispness of the whites will definitely make you ready for the Oscar after-party. (You know, the one you’ll have in your jammies with your cat.)


This red blend from Steven Kent Winery is a mix of a Cabernet Sauvignon base and classic Bordeaux varieties. Lineage is “a wine of profound beauty and elegance” — that same feeling you get watching (and pretending you’re at) the Oscars.

Keep sipping this incredibly smooth wine; it’s about as smooth as your favorite celebs ascending the stairs to receive their little gold men — unless your favorite celeb is Jennifer Lawrence. Oops!

So while the idea of enjoying a front-row seat at the Academy Awards and the reality of having that seat are certainly not one in the same, try these fine wines and bring the feeling of a star-studded celebration home!