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The Dueling Pianos of McGah’s

Picture this: It’s 8:30 PM. You’ve just finished a fabulous dinner at one of downtown Danville’s incredible restaurants. But the night is still young. You’ve still got some fight left in you! You need a drink and some live music. Look no further than the infamous dueling pianists, Dave Alan and Travis Von Cartier at McGah’s on Prospect Street. The duo delivers a high energy, sing-along, “drink-along,” fully interactive all-request show. Dave, a Louisiana transplant, sits across from Travis, a seasoned musician from the “suburban wasteland” of Phoenix, Arizona, on stage. They each are stationed on one side of the piano as they take turns leading the audience in singing and clapping along to their favorite songs. The only thing the audience has to do – besides sing, clap, laugh, dance and drink – is write down and request any song. Song requests can range from classic rock and country to current Top 40 hits and rap. You name it. Word to the wise: song requests with a higher tip are more likely to be played.

Coming in for a birthday or anniversary? Write down the name of the person you want to celebrate, the nature of the celebration, and send the request up. The pianists will call the person up on stage to be roasted. This will either result in a song and/or dance.

While you’re here, be sure to order McGah’s infamous “Big Ass Mules.” Served in a massive version of the traditional copper mug, the “BAM” can serve 3-4 people. Pick your poison: the classic Moscow Mule, the Irish Mule (served with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer and of course fresh lime), the Juicy Watermelon (served with Tito’s Vodka, ginger beer, watermelon puree, and lime juice), or a Fresh Cucumber Mule (Hanson Sonoma Cucumber Vodka, ginger beer and fresh basil).

You can catch the Dueling Pianists on Friday and Saturday nights from 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM. Get there early if you want a seat!