Touring Mount Diablo State Park Visitor Center
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Touring Mount Diablo State Park’s Visitor Center

Mount Diablo State Park is home to the highest peaks in the Tri-Valley, offering panoramic views of the entire San Francisco Bay Area and a variety of recreational activitiesBefore making the trek to Mount Diablo, read up on some of our favorite things to see and do while visiting the Mount Diablo State Park’s Visitor Center located at the park’s summit.

Observation Deck

Despite the mountain being relatively short, standing at just 3,849 feet above sea level, the summit’s view shed ranges anywhere between 13,000 – 21,000 square miles.  On clear days, visitors are able to see far-reaching landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Sentinel Dome, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range from the Summit’s Observation Deck. 

After soaking up the scenery from the Summit’s Observation Deck, head inside the Summit Visitor Center to enjoy a variety of exhibits, displays, and models that help tell the cultural and natural history of the park. 

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Ecosystem Diorama

Mount Diablo’s ecosystem is incredibly diverse and is made up of a broad variety of wildlife and even some plants that only grow on the mountain and no where else in the world. The Visitor Center features an interactive diorama with sound included that provides an overview of the mountain’s native plants and wildlife. 

Topographic Model & Indigenous Artifacts

A 3D topographic model of the mountain range and surrounding area helps orient visitors with various landmarks and important park locations. An educational display featuring artifacts and paintings depicts various inhabitants of the Diablo region including Native Americans and Western Settlers. 

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Geological Rock Wall

The geological formation of Mount Diablo was the centerpiece of debate for decades, with its fossil-filled outcrops featuring ancient aquatic life at high elevations puzzling scientists and laymen alike. In fact, the Visitor Center itself was built with fossiliferous sandstone blocks quarried in the park, and aquatic fossils are visible in the face of the building’s stone.

Today, we have a much clearer picture of how the mountain range was formed. The Visitors Center features a geological rock wall along with an informational video explaining the geological forces that formed the mountain. 

Man stands on a piece of exposed rock slightly protruding from the ground in Mt. Diablo State Park's Visitor Center
Stand on the Mountain's Summit

One unique feature of the park’s Visitors Center is the ability to stand on the mountain’s summit itself. A small piece of the mountain’s highest peak is left exposed for visitors to stand on and even strike a pose for photos. 

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Visiting Mount Diablo State Park

The Mount Diablo State Park Visitor Center is located at the summit of the park.  Visitors can access the park from Danville’s South Gate Entrance

Before planning your trip to Mount Diablo, check out our Visiting Mount Diablo State Park blog for everything you need to know before you go.

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