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Where is the Tri-Valley?

Where is the Tri-Valley?

Whether you’re a California native or you’ve never even been to the West Coast, we tend to get this question a lot. So, where exactly is the Tri-Valley and how did it get its name? Find the answers to your questions below!

Finding the Tri-Valley on a Map

The Tri-Valley is located in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our region is approximately 35 miles east of San Francisco and 125 miles west of Yosemite National Park. California’s capital, Sacramento, is located nearly 80 miles north of the Tri-Valley while San Jose is located approximately 30 miles south of the region. 

Why Is It Called the Tri-Valley?

Did you know that California has over 7,000 valleys? The Tri-Valley gets its name from the three major San Francisco Bay Area valleys that the region encompasses: San Ramon Valley, Amador Valley, and Livermore Valley. 

This unique region spans over two counties (Alameda County and Contra Costa County), and is made up of five municipalities: Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, Danville, and San Ramon. 

When Was "the Tri-Valley" Coined?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact first usage of the term “Tri-Valley”, as the moniker developed organically over time as these cities grew and became more interconnected. Local newspapers, community organizations, and residents played a role in popularizing the term to describe this group of cities sharing geographical and community ties.

One newspaper in particular, The Tri-Valley Herald, was first published in 1973, although longtime residents claim to have heard the term as early as the 1960’s. 

Getting to the Tri-Valley

Positioned alongside the Interstate 580 and Interstate 680 junction, Tri-Valley visitors enjoy easy access to various California regions including San Francisco, Yosemite, Sacramento and San Jose. 

There are also two BART stations in the Tri-Valley (West Dublin/Pleasanton and Dublin/Pleasanton), allowing for convenient travel throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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