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Respecting California and Your Neighbor

We Welcome you! Just a few requests.

The Tri-Valley is a place of wide-open spaces that champions open-mindedness and celebrates diversity. We respect visitors and locals and their health and safety. We respect the environment, local culture and all the different kinds of people who visit our area and live here. Respect is the key to keeping each other safe and all of the Tri-Valley’s precious and fragile beauty protected, today and tomorrow. 

Feel free to traipse, travel and follow your joy in the Tri-Valley. We just ask you keep a few considerations in mind while doing so. 

Roam Responsibly. Feel free to explore the Tri-Valley but please do it thoughtfully and responsibly, maintaining the utmost respect for everyone and everything you encounter.

Educate Yourself. It’s a good idea to research the area you are visiting.  Make sure you are familiar with local regulations and community concerns.

Safety First. Please follow public health directives from government officials, including physical distancing measures. Take all the necessary steps to minimize health risks to yourself and others.

Preserve The Tri-Valley. Please protect and nurture the Tri-Valley’s pristine outdoor spaces and cultural icons, by maintaining a light footprint at every turn. Please, don’t leave trash behind, and pay special attention to delicate ecosystems. 

Embrace Community. Your presence here also means that you support local businesses and are doing your part to ensure the long-term prosperity of the places you visit. Thank you!

Celebrate Culture. Immerse yourself in Tri-Valley’s diverse local cultures and embrace the traditions and practices you encounter.

Teach Others. Lead by example and share these practices with fellow residents and travelers, acknowledging that we all share the responsibility to protect the Tri-Valley and California.

(Information courtesy of Visit California)

What About Masks?

While the CDC is updating restrictions and allowing people to take their masks off, California is holding off on aligning with all the new CDC guidelines until June 15 when it plans to fully reopen the economy. Until then, here’s what it means when you’re visiting the Tri-Valley:

If you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t have to wear your mask every time you’re out in public. While outdoors, you can be mask-free, with the exception of crowded settings, such as street fairs, music festivals, parades and while on mass transit.

If you’re walking, bicycling, running, standing or otherwise exercising outdoors, you no longer have to wear a mask. Vaccinated people can also take off masks while outdoor dining, but be sure and follow the restaurant’s recommendation.

You don’t have to wear a mask while at many social gatherings. If everyone attending is fully vaccinated, then masks aren’t needed indoors or outdoors.

If you’re not fully vaccinated, you can only take off your mask in public when you’re outside and able to maintain six feet of distance from others. If you’re exercising or walking outside by yourself, you can take the mask off when no one else is around. In pretty much every other scenario, however, that face covering is still necessary while out and about if you’re not vaccinated.