Buzzin On Hops Bottle Shop & Taproom

Location: Livermore
1o1 E. Vineyard Ave, Suite 111 Livermore, CA

Buzzin On Hops Bottle Shop & Taproom is a family business owned by Cory Leon and Kenneth Linsley. Cory’s wife, Rachel Leon, and their daughter, Avia, along with Kenneth’s wife, Jennifer Linsley give all their support and expertise to the business as well. The Bottle Shop & Taproom is located at the edge of Livermore and is surrounded by vineyards and breathtaking views. Buzzin On Hops mission is simple: to provide fresh quality beers in a speakeasy lounge type of atmosphere and to make every person feel welcome no matter their knowledge of beer. We will be offering 12 taps of rotating craft beers and an entire room of to-go bottles and cans of beer!