Maison Benoit

Location: Danville
402 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA, United States, California

Experience the charm of France right here in Danville at Maison Benoit, the truly an authentic French bakery! Founded by the delightful Benoit Viaille, a Lafayette resident and Paris native with a wealth of diverse professional experiences, our bakery is a true labor of love. Picture our talented Parisian head chef and the pastry perfection from Bordeaux crafting a delightful array of croissants, galettes, baguettes, and more. Immerse yourself in the inviting French ambiance as you relax in our ample outdoor seating area, savoring leisurely moments with a cup of coffee and indulging in the finest authentic French cuisine, including quiches, sandwiches, Ecuadorian coffee, and other delightful treats. Join us for a touch of France, right here in the heart of Danville!