Pruett Farms

Location: Livermore
5385 East Ave. Livermore, CA

Established in 1880, this 180-acre property witnessed its first grapevines, purchased by the Schluter Family upon their emigration from Germany. The Schluter family lived here for 40 years, and then the Wente family owned the property for over 80 years. Acquired by Bob and Deb Pruett, who are dedicated to preserving its rich history, the property showcases restored homes and a commitment to farming seasonal produce on 10 acres, sold locally. Home to horses, alpaca, and contented chickens living in a chateau within a Chardonnay vineyard, the property continues to reflect its storied past. Most recently, brothers Scott and Bob Pruett have introduced a new chapter, engaging in grape growing – Scott excelling in Syrah at his Auburn vineyard, while Bob focuses on Chardonnay in Livermore.