The Steven Kent Winery

Location: Livermore
2245 South Vasco Road, Suite C, Livermore, CA 94550

Steven Kent Winery is home to one of the finest producers of Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon in the world. With four labels in their prestigious Lineage Collection, experience world class wines from a 6th generation winemaker, Steven Kent Mirassou.

Steven Kent Winery | The Steven Kent Winery was started in 1996 with one mission: to make Cabernet here in the Livermore Valley that rivals in quality the greatest red wines made anywhere in the world. By the turn of the last century, Livermore Valley was already far ahead of its Napa Valley neighbor in specializing in the Bordeaux varieties. Our goal at Steven Kent is to carry on that tradition.

Lineage | Livermore Valley is the symbol of one family’s mission to create something of beauty, elegance and emotion: one iconic wine equal in quality to the finest wines in the world. Each vintage we harvest fruit from a number of superlative vineyards in our AVA then do only as much as is necessary in the winery to shepherd that fruit on its journey to world-class wine.

L’Autre Côte | There is no more thrilling a wine to drink than one whose best example sits out on the margins of acceptability. These wines are truly magical because their irreducible wholeness comes about as a function of their purity of fruit, balance of acidity, and overt sexiness. Cabernet Franc is the purest and finest example of this kind of wine.

Mia Nipote Wines | A boutique producer putting its own spin on classic Italian varieties. Located in the historic, world-class Livermore Valley, our wines are produced in extremely limited quantities.

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