Holdener Park

Location: Livermore
2995 Hansen Rd, Livermore, CA 94550

You can reach this park by foot, horse or bicycle on the South Livermore Valley Trail from Arroyo Road or Marina Avenue. You can also park at the parking lot at the end of Hansen Road.

The South Livermore Valley Trail winds past two places where the open space area can be accessed. One is just after the bridge and the other is through a green pedestrian gate. (Look for the trail signs.) Narrow, dirt trails allow park users to explore the canyon and hike to two viewpoints atop the hills. More trails may be added in the future.

This open space area has open grasslands where spring wildflowers make a showy appearance, and small ravines with majestic blue oaks that provide shade. A variety of insects, mammals, birds and reptiles can be seen here. Look for deer, red tail hawks, great horned owls, a variety of butterflies and western fence lizards!


Mon through Fri: 7:00 am – Sunset