Sycamore Grove Park

Location: Livermore
1051 Wetmore Rd., Livermore, California 94550

About Sycamore Grove

The park is home to a variety of wildlife. Along the Arroyo Del Valle you might see frogs, pond turtles, dragonflies, ducks or even muskrats. In addition to this riparian area there are grassland and oak woodland habitats. Deer, ground squirrels, butterflies, lizards and birds such as red-tail hawks, white-tail kites, scrub jays, magpies and meadowlarks are just few of the animals you might spot in these areas.


Mon through Sun: 7:00 am – Sunset

Entrance/Parking Fees

$7 per vehicle per day payable at machines near the park kiosks.

Tip: The machines accept $1 and $5 bills as well as coins. The machines do not make change, so plan ahead!

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