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Tri-Valley Welcome Bags: What to Give Your Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

It’s almost the big day! Everyone’s on the way to wish you well and, possibly, drive you insane. The good news? You can easily make them feel welcome and keep them busy with some gifts awaiting them in their hotel rooms.

Start filling your welcome bags with a sweet snack from Danville Chocolates. They offer everything from cookies to truffles to chocolate bark.

A luscious bar of olive oil soap is also a thoughtful touch after a long trip. Victorine Valley Farms in Livermore makes several scents that will delight and relax your guests.

Obviously, no welcome to a Tri-Valley wedding would be complete without a bottle of wine! Consider something light and refreshing to enjoy after check-in, like a bottle of Steven Kent “Lola” Sauvignon Blanc. To seal the deal, throw in tasting room passes to some other Livermore wineries and a copy of the 2016 Visitors Guide.

But don’t stop there – here are some ideas for those who need special attention:

A map of Del Valle Regional Park and kid-friendly sunscreen.

For: Your friends with kids.

Why?: You know what kids hate? Weddings. They don’t dig formal wear. They want to run and play, and you’re asking them to sit quietly for hours. Encourage parents to make sure the little critters expend their energy at this lakeside beach before the ceremony. Tell them to hike. Run. Look for squirrels. Run some more—whatever it takes. Then, they can sleep through the wedding because they’re exhausted. Aww, how adorable!

A tee time at The Course at Wente Vineyards.

For: Your fiancé’s golf-obsessed bestie.

Why?: In college, Jimbo was so much fun (or so you’ve heard)! Since then he’s become a workaholic who only wants to talk about the stock market and his appreciation for fine Italian footwear. Let him unwind by swinging some clubs for an afternoon and hope he stays loosened up for your events.

Cookies from Denica’s Real Food Kitchen.

For: The lone single bridesmaid.

Why? She’s put on a smile through your endless, tedious planning. But you’re officially her last friend to be married, and she’s feeling blue. There’s a chance she wants to go to her hotel room, kick off her shoes and eat carbs in bed. Don’t judge; just hook her up with some cookies. It’s the least you can do.

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By Liane Bonin Starr