Spread Cheer with Beer

This holiday season, visit 10 participating locations on the Tri-Valley Beer Trail between November 15th – January 2nd and we’ll make a $20 donation to a local charity of your choice! Anyone that completes this seasonal challenge will also receive a limited-edition Pom Pom Beanie while supplies last.

Get Started!

Sign up for our free Tri-Valley Beer Trail passport below to view participating breweries, taprooms and alehouses.

how it works

step 1


Sign up for the Trail.
Your passport will be instantly delivered to your mobile device.
No download required. 

step 2

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Visit breweries & drink beer! Use GPS on your phone to check-in or redeem discounts & deals.
One check-in = 10 points.

step 3


Rack up points & spend them on your choice of beer swag, including a 64 oz. Tri-Valley Beer Trail growler!


Explore new breweries and taprooms or rake in points checking into your favorite stops multiple times. Each check-in to a participating location earns you 10 points.

1 Check-In = 10 Points


50 points

Dad Hat

50 points

Pint Glass

50 points

64 oz. Growler

150 points

Pom Pom Beanie



  • The Pom Pom Beanie can only be redeemed by visiting & checking in to 10 participating locations between November 15 – January 2nd. Points from check-ins before the campaign are not applicable for this prize.
  • Check-in to a different participating breweries/taprooms, or return to your favorite spots to check-in once a day. Check-ins to each location must be at least 30 minutes apart – so sit down, have a beer! 
  • The charity you select must be located in the Tri-Valley. Charitable donations are limited to $2,000. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Earn points by visiting your favorite locations more than once. Pass holders are able to check-in to a single location once a day. 

Unfortunately, each pass holder is eligible to win each prize once. So, one t-shirt, one dad hat, one pint glass and one growler.

We currently provide shipping for t-shirts and dad hats. Pint glasses and growlers have to be picked up at our Pleasanton office. 

Yes, pass holders must be 21+ to visit local breweries and participating locations or redeem prizes. 

If you signed up for the Tri-Valley Beer Trail pass prior to June 20th, 2023 and you had check-ins that you’d like to convert into points for your new pass:

  1. Sign up for a new pass above.
  2. Fill out this form. We’ll get in touch with you soon. 

DRINK Local beer. win PRIZES.