Tri-valley Beer Trail

Sign up for our free mobile Beer Trail pass to access special discounts & earn points to redeem for beer swag.

how it works

step 1


Sign up for the Trail.
Your passport will be instantly delivered to your mobile device.
No download required. 

step 2

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Visit breweries & drink beer! Use GPS on your phone to check-in or redeem discounts & deals.
One check-in = 10 points.

step 3


Rack up points & spend them on your choice of beer swag, including a 64 oz. Tri-Valley Beer Trail growler!


Explore new breweries and taprooms or rake in points checking into your favorite stops multiple times. Each check-in to a participating location earns you 10 points.

1 Check-In = 10 Points


50 points

Dad Hat

50 points

Pint Glass

50 points

64 oz. Growler

150 points


Frequently asked questions

Someone from our team will reach out to you within 3 business days of you finishing up your check-ins to help you schedule a time to pick up your beanie and select a charity for us to donate to.

If you haven’t heard from anyone in that time, email

Yes! Earn points by visiting your favorite locations more than once. Pass holders are able to check-in to a single location once a day. 

Unfortunately, each pass holder is eligible to win each prize once. So, one t-shirt, one dad hat, one pint glass and one growler.

We currently provide shipping for t-shirts and dad hats. Pint glasses and growlers have to be picked up at our Pleasanton office. 

Yes, pass holders must be 21+ to visit local breweries and participating locations or redeem prizes. 

If you signed up for the Tri-Valley Beer Trail pass prior to June 20th, 2023 and you had check-ins that you’d like to convert into points for your new pass:

  1. Sign up for a new pass above.
  2. Fill out this form. We’ll get in touch with you soon. 

DRINK Local beer. win PRIZES.