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  • I Am Tri-Valley is a free, interactive, four-part series designed for the Tri-Valley’s hospitality community. We invite you to come and learn important information about our area’s history, characteristics, landmarks and activities to help you serve our 1.6 million visitors annually from around the world who often need advice on where to shop, eat and play. […]

  • Everyone knows about New Year’s resolutions. Who doesn’t make some sweeping goal to “save more money” or “eat better” when January rolls around? But what you probably don’t know is that New Year’s resolutions have a long history. The earliest examples of New Year’s celebrations were actually festivals the Babylonians held to celebrate the Spring Equinox more […]

  •   Remember our “Spread Cheer With Beer” campaign last year? The one that explored the region’s craft beer scene while supporting the Alameda County Community Food Bank? If you weren’t able to attend, you missed out. But that doesn’t mean you should experience FOMO this year: The campaign is back.   For the second year […]

  • Stay in one of our hotels, and we’ll reimburse shipping and handling costs from certain Livermore Valley wineries.

  • Are You a Shopaholic? Add up your points and find out! How do you follow fashion trend forecasts? A: I subscribe to every email blast and fashion magazine under the sun! B: Pinterest fashion boards based on what I’ve already pinned. C: The only forecast I watch is the weather, so I know how to […]

  • It’s almost the big day! Everyone’s on the way to wish you well and, possibly, drive you insane. The good news? You can easily make them feel welcome and keep them busy with some gifts awaiting them in their hotel rooms. Start filling your welcome bags with a sweet snack from Danville Chocolates. They offer […]

  • The bride may get most of the spotlight, but in California’s charming Tri-Valley region, the groom is guaranteed to feel special, too. With an array of fantastic restaurants, wineries, breweries and more, the Tri-Valley invites you have it your way when it comes to unwinding with the guys before the big day. Feed Your Friends […]

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