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  • Tri-Valley clothing, accessories, and Beer Trail gear for your shopping pleasure, at our new Tri-Valley Mercantile Emporium. [ecwid widgets=”productbrowser search categories minicart” categories_per_row=”3″ grid=”3,3″ list=”10″ table=”20″ default_category_id=”0″ category_view=”grid” search_view=”list” minicart_layout=”attachToCategories”]

  • With more than 50 wineries to choose from in Livermore Valley, it’s hard to know where to begin. From crisp whites to deep ports, try this progressive tasting to please your palate. Steven Kent “Lola” 2014 Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon Our first destination is Steven Kent, owned by winemaker Steven Kent Mirassou, one of the best-known winemakers […]

  • Looking for a beer that pairs perfectly with hot summer nights and hot rods? Look no further than Goodguys Citra Haze, a limited-edition craft beer hitting taps across the Tri-Valley on Aug. 19 in honor of the Goodguys 29th West Coast Nationals. With hot rodders cruising in from all over the world, Goodguys plans to […]

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  • Leave your car behind to party with local winemakers on Thursday, Aug. 27 as they pay homage to the Livermore Valley’s most famous wine varietal. Four Livermore wineries are teaming up with the Livermore Wine Trolley to celebrate International Cabernet Day. But you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy this special day in style: […]

  • Getting to an elite place in one of the world’s most competitive sports is no easy task. For the Danville Aces, it requires sticking to a strict practice schedule, remaining healthy all year round and playing together as a team. For the first time ever, all-stars from Danville and Alamo will represent California in the […]

  • Have fun, fun, fun ‘til your daddy takes the T-bird away! Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Ford Thunderbird, marvel at classic Mustangs and Pontiac GTOs and dance your bobby socks off on at the Hot Summer Nights Hot Rod and Classic Car Show. This year, Hot Summer Nights honors the T-bird, the first personal […]

  • Go behind the scenes with the Livermore Valley’s winemakers as they strategize to win the coveted People’s Choice award and other honors at Taste Our Terroir.

  • Are you ready to roll with all the beer connoisseurs and craft beer experts? We’ve got a handy little quiz to provide the “hoptimal” assessment of whether you’re a knowledgeable beer enthusiast.

  • After a long day at work, sometimes you just want a nice, refreshing beer to relax. But when the bartender asks, “Do you prefer a more caramel or citrus bouquet?” you may just give them a blank stare. Don’t let your lack of expertise keep you from kicking with the barkeep like a pro. Even […]

  • You win some, you dim sum. In any case, there are no losers here. From steamed baos and egg tarts to chicken feet and pig blood, it’s well worth the morning wait. Here are three places to bao down in the Tri-Valley.

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