Eco-Friendly Activities in the Tri-Valley
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Eco-Friendly Activities in the Tri-Valley

Over the past few decades, the Tri-Valley has become a hot spot for innovative sustainability efforts and eco-tourism, offering unique experiences to visitors while conserving our environment. Check out some of our favorite eco-friendly activities offered in our region.

Sustainable Wine Tasting

Several wineries in the Livermore Valley Wine Country have committed to practices with social and environmental responsibility in mind. Visit one of these wineries for a tasting or ask about joining one of their upcoming vineyard tours.

Wente Vineyards
Wente Vineyards is not only one of the oldest family-owned and operated wineries in California, but they are also one of the few establishments in California that possess certificates of sustainability for their winery, vineyards and wines. Some of their sustainability efforts include reducing energy and water usage, recycling cardboard, glass, and plastic, and using composted fertilizer. Want to participate? Recycle used corks at Wente’s tasting room and they’ll be used to create flooring tiles, building insulation, automotive gaskets, soil condition, and sports equipment.

Retzlaff Vineyards Winery
Retzlaff Vineyards Winery has been a certified organic winery since 2006. Their vines have been tended for decades using common sense sustainable practices which eliminate the need for chemical intervention. No pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMO are ever used in their winemaking process. When you visit Retzlaff, snag a table or Adirondack chair or bring a blanket and kick back on their large, shaded lawn area.

Page Mill Winery
Page Mill Winery prides itself on having 3 biodynamic vineyards. Biodynamic viticulture views the vineyard as an entire ecosystem. It’s the oldest sustainable farming method that predates organic farming by about 20 years, and doesn’t require the use of chemicals. Stop in at Page Mill to taste some of their award-winning organic wines.

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Eco-Friendly Tours

Looking for unique experiences that offer you the opportunity to learn something while you’re here or reduce your carbon footprint for the day? Explore the Tri-Valley by taking your pick from these fun, eco-friendly tours. 

Rent an Electric Bike from Pedego Livermore
Zip around the Livermore Valley Wine Country without breaking a sweat. Pedego electric bikes are stylish, easy to use, and fun to ride! Pedego Livermore offers hourly & and daily rentals, or you can opt for a guided tour through the vines with one of their experienced guides.

Wine Tasting on the Livermore Wine Trolley
Hop on board this iconic form of transportation to enjoy a day of wine tasting in the Livermore Valley Wine Country. Join their Sip and Savor Wine Pairing tour which includes 3 stops at picturesque wineries in an all-inclusive food and wine experience, or pick from a variety of seasonal and themed tour offerings like their popular summer “Hula Palooza” or one of their festive, costumed Halloween tours.

Local Beekeeping Workshops
Gerardz Honeybees is a local honey producer that provides cross pollinating services to farmers and businesses and also offers Introductory and Advanced Beekeeping Workshops to those wondering what the buzz is all about. Several of their workshops are held at Livermore Valley wineries and include wine and honey tastings.

Olive Oil Tasting & Tour at Olivina
Visit the historic Olivina estate the third Sunday of the month between 12pm-4:30pm for olive oil tastings and tours. Estabalished in 1881 and featuring over 11,000 olive trees, the Crohare family is responsible for growing, harvesting, milling, and bottling six different varieties of California extra virgin olive oil on-site. 

Farm-to-Table Dining

If you need your farm-to-table fix, look no further than the following local favorites. Each of these restaurants source fresh ingredients from local farmers, so their menus tend to change often based on what’s in season.

Sabio on Main
Located in the heart of downtown Pleasanton and is surrounded by wine bars, boutiques, and art galleries. This local hot spot possesses the 6 Link award from Good Food 100 for sourcing ingredients locally, a title only 50 restaurants have received. In 2019, they received a Gold rating by EatReal for using natural and healthy ingredients and have committed to buy 100% of their meats from ranches that receive an animal welfare certification from the ASPCA.

Range Life
Livermore’s quintessential neighborhood restaurant, bar, and market serving only the freshest, highest quality ingredients for both their food and cocktail programs. After opening their doors, it took less than a year for this Tri-Valley eatery to be included in the Michelin Guide where they received the distinguished title of Bib Gourmand. Range Life regulars will tell you their whole menu is delicious (and they aren’t lying), but you won’t want to walk out their doors without trying one of their most popular appetizers: fresh house-made bread served with their cultured butter and sea salt.

Danville Harvest
This chic, farm-to-table bistro boasts stylish, contemporary quarters while remaining anchored to tried and true family recipes. Chef Humphrey and his team pride themselves in using fresh, organic & locally-sourced ingredients in their soul-food inspired dishes to celebrate the bounty of Northern California. While their menu is often changing, you can never go wrong with their crispy Scallion Hushpuppies served with sweet cane sugar syrup butter.

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Explore our Ecosystem

Over 10% of the Bay Area’s protected open space resides in the Tri-Valley, encompassing a diverse ecosystem of endangered plants and species, some of which can only be found in this area. Read up on a few unique wildlife experiences that can be enjoyed throughout the Tri-Valley. As exciting as wildlife spottings are, please be sure to keep your distance for your safety and theirs.

Birdwatching at Del Valle Regional Park
Del Valle Regional Park features a 5-mile lake teeming with wildlife and wildflowers. Throughout the year, several water birds can be spotted in and around the lake. Most notably, bald eagles are frequently seen nesting in the trees surrounding the lake. During a visit to Del Valle Regional Park you might also see large colonies of cliff swallows, which build thousands of gourd-shaped nests on rocks and caves along the shoreline.

Rare Wildflowers at Mount Diablo State Park
Mount Diablo State Park is home to hundreds of rare, endangered or threatened plant species, with 13 of them found only in this Bay Area mountain range and no where else in the world. Wild flowers bloom year-round at Mount Diablo State Park, and come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Before you make the trek up this nearly 4,000 ft. summit, check out our Visiting Mount Diablo State Park blog.

Fossil Hunting at Sunol Regional Wilderness Preserve
Sunol Regional Wilderness boasts nearly 7,000 acres of open space that hosts fossil-filled sandstone outcrops, rare bird species, bountiful wildflower varieties, and scenic gorge named Little Yosemite. Keep an eye out for outcrops that were once ancient seabed while exploring this sprawling park. 

Tarantula Mating Season in the Tri-Valley
During the fall months, young male tarantulas will emerge from hiding to find a mate at various open space areas including Sunol Regional Wilderness Preserve, Mount Diablo State Park, and Del Valle Regional Park. Rest assured, these gentle giants generally don’t bite or provoke visitors, and they’re actually quite vulnerable in their young state. Please walk and drive with caution to prevent squishing these love-struck, yet inexperienced, arachnids.

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