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A Little Visit Tri-Valley History

The Pleasanton Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) was originally created as the result of a consultant’s study in 1986, jointly funded by the City of Pleasanton and Pleasanton’s Chamber of Commerce.

Initially, the CVB operated under the umbrella of the Chamber but in 1993 it split off entirely from the Chamber as an independent, non-profit agency. In 1996, the City of Livermore was added and the organization became the Tri-Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. Later that year the City of Dublin joined the CVB, and in 1999, the City of San Ramon joined the four-city bureau, funded by each City’s General Fund.

In 2006, the four-city Tri-Valley Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) was formed, placing as assessment on occupied, paid hotel room nights on TBID properties. The formation of the TBID allowed the CVB to significantly increase its operating budget and provided a new primary, stable, dedicated funding source.

Shortly after the formation of the TBID, the Town of Danville joined the CVB. In doing so, a second district, the Danville TBID, was formed that mirrored the Tri-Valley TBID. In 2010 the Tri-Valley and Danville TBIDs were merged and the resulting district was renewed for five years. District assessments were doubled, further augmenting and securing the CVB’s operating budget and the organization’s viability. In 2015, the TBID was renewed for seven years without the City of San Ramon.