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What Is an Ice Cream Trail?

Here's the Scoop!

Visit 5 stops on the Tri-Valley Ice Cream Trail and we’ll send you a Tri-Valley Ice Cream Scooper!

how to play:

Visit 5 different ice creameries & take a photo of your ice cream, yourself, or the shop. Five sweet treats later, simply submit your photos below and we’ll send you an ice cream scooper to use at home!


participating locations

three colorful soft serve ice cream cones
  • Drive-thru dairy serving traditional and unique flavored soft serve & grocery items
icicles ice cream in pleasanton
  • Hand made ice cream dessert made with fresh milk poured on a cold plate, mixed with fresh fruit or different ingredients
  • Unlimited toppings!
almare gelato italiano pleasanton, ca
  • Established in Berkeley, CA
  • Each flavor of gelato is crafted freshly each morning 
icicles ice cream
  • Menu includes milk tea, fruit tea and both sweet & savory crepes. 
cream livermore
  • Sweet ice cream sandwiches made with fresh-baked cookies
loard's livermore
  • Old-fashioned ice creamery serving classic ice cream flavors, desserts & candies
o'honey ice cream
  • Unique soft serve creations
  • Menu includes coffee, tea & desserts
gelato in bowls
  • Authentic Italian gelato served in cups, cones or cakes!
ice cream cone
  • Hand-craft artisan ice cream made fresh daily
cup of ice cream with hot fudge on top at creamistry
  • Customizable ice cream creations using liquid nitrogen! 
  • Ice creamery and bakery serving freshly made cookies and cupcakes
  • Custom cakes and cupcakes available for order

Upload your ice cream photos here!