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Tri-Valley Hidden Heroes

Through these troubled times there have been countless selfless acts of courage, support and inspiration. By sharing these stories we hope to inspire and spread the love that the Tri-Valley has to offer. Below are some of those messages and acts of kindness.

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Breweries: Eight Bridges Brewing, Inc.  has teamed up with Livermore-based Performance Foodservice-Northern CaliforniaPale Fire Brewing Co, Inc., and Digital Minerva to launch Eight Bridges Helps. The pop-up food bank concept was created to support restaurant workers during the COVID-19 crisis.  

All restaurant workers from the East Bay and beyond are welcome and will be asked to show their most recent pay stub to confirm eligibility.  See the press release here on how to help or be helped.

Restaurants: Those who are affected the most are stepping up the most. Vesna Kahriman, the owner of Americano Restaurant in Livermore has been giving away free meals to first responders and healthcare workers. The owners have also made a commitment to not lay off anyone during the pandemic. See the full story. Thank you, Americano! (Courtesy of: Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group) 

Restaurants: Ruggie van Muijen from the Growler in Danville, CA has set up a GoFundMe account to help feed the community, keep business going and their employees employed. They are partnering with Loaves and Fishes to provide meals to those who need them. Take a look at their efforts. Kudos Growler! 

Restaurants are feeling the need to do more. Garre’ Cafe Chef Abe Ahmari and the cafe owners stepped up to support health care workers and first responders by supplying meals.
Article and photo courtesy of Pleasanton Weekly

Teachers are going above and beyond to help students stay with their curriculum. Thank you for caring about our kids!

Livermore PD received this message on their front lawn. Just another great Livermore resident doing their part to encourage those on the front line. 

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A BIG thanks to the San Ramon Valley Fire Department for being part of a community parade. They treated kids and grownups alike to a caravan of community cheer.  See a snippet here.


Palm Event Center-Three weeks ago Palm Event Center realized that they would no longer be able to host weddings for 8 weeks. They had about $15k worth of groceries sitting in their walk-in refrigerators and freezers and hoped that they could donate the food somewhere. Thank you to their partner @openheartkitchen for distributing the food to the community. They hope it helped a few families during this difficult time. Please check out @openheartkitchen and support them if you can. We need organizations like theirs during this time of need.

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Meadowlark Dairy-Pleasanton– Meadowlark Dairy has opted to still pay their employees which are mostly high school kids, and offer food items to them and their families during this tough time. KNTV-NBC recognized their efforts on the news recently. Meadowlark is a long standing icon in the community and is a must visit for locals and tourists alike. 


Shari L., My friend Chris never fails to come through with the little things that can just make your day. Today she dropped off home made Biscotti and Turkey Tetrazzini. The Biscotti didn’t last long. This makes being locked up at home alone like having dinner with friends. 


Livermore, CA, Altamont Creek Elementary in Livermore had a teacher parade for their students, led by the police …


and followed up by the fire department. We are Tri-Valley Strong!


Carolynne L., Shares encouragement with her message of hope. (Gypsie signs, San Ramon) “From my home to yours!” 
Neighbor: ” I drive past this house every day on my way to work. It makes me smile and feel a little more positive about everything going on. An amazing reminder!”

Dublin, CA- Lights are on display and music plays each night to send out encouraging messages of hope.

Danville, CA,  Local teen Natalie Reese created a series of short videos on the social media platform TikTok getting ready for the dance, giving her the opportunity to live a part of the prom experience — while still adhering to responsible social distancing guidelines. You look beautiful Natalie and thanks for making the best of this experience.